Man accidentally shoots wife while killing neighbor’s dog who got loose

A man in Ogden, New York, accidentally shot his wife while shooting at a neighbor’s dog who got loose from his nearby home. According to a press release from the Ogden Police Department, a couple was walking their own two dogs when a neighbor’s dog got loose and ran at them.

The department explained:

A round from his pistol accidentally struck his wife in the upper leg. She suffered non-life threatening injuries and is being treated at an area hospital. The offending dog was also struck and is deceased. There were no other injuries reported. The husband did have a valid pistol permit and was in legal possession of the handgun at the time of the incident.

According to WHEC News, Keeno’s owners have stated that their dog was a friendly therapy dog and they believe that there is more to the story.

(Screenshot via WHEC News)

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  1. warriorsmom

    If the dog were threatening, it would be a different story. This makes no sense, except a trigger-happy jerk killed an innocent dog. AND, he put a bullet in his wife. Shameful, sad and disgusting. Glad he doesn’t live in my neighborhood. Hope he is charged with abuse.

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