Man Adopts A Senior Dog From The Shelter, One Day It Stops On Their Walk And Looks Up At Him

Singer-songwriter Yusuf / Cat Stevens has donated his very first hit song—”I Love My Dog,” which recently marked its 50th anniversary—for PETA to use in a brand new video in celebration of National “Adopt a Shelter Pet” Day on April 30.

The video shows a man living his everyday life with the best friend he adopted from the shelter. They do everything together but love nothing more than their daily walks. But there comes the day when the senior dog stops in the middle of their walk and looks up at Dad. Not to say too much, you’ll want to watch this until the very end. It’ll tug on the heartstrings.

Remember to adopt, not shop. Nearly half of the 6 million dogs and cats that end up in shelters every year have to be euthanized because there aren’t enough homes for them.

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