Man Arrested For Saving His Dog From A Burning Home

We doglovers would do absolutely anything to save our dogs. Just recently, we featured a tragic story of man who died while he was rescuing his dog who fell through an icy pond.

How about you? Would you risk your life to save your beloved dog?

The man in the video risked his own life, and even disobeyed the police just to save his dog. This happened years ago, when an apartment building was on fire. The building was collapsing because of the huge fire, and water was running out. But a man bravely went inside the building because his dog was trapped inside. He climbs the building like a superhero and got his dog out. But moments later, he was handcuffed by the police. Check out the daring dog rescue in the video below!

Amazing! For him, his dog was more important than obeying the police. But I’m so glad he got his dog out to safety.

What would you do if you were in this guy’s shoes? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

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