Man Breaks Through Frozen River Ice To Rescue Dog

Heroes do exist in this world. Not all are brave enough to be willing to put themselves in danger to save a poor animal. So that is why we commend and applaud those who do.

The one who took this video stopped over when he saw 3 guys with a broken car. With them was a bystander named Ivan. Ivan works at a local woodcutting company. He applied for the military but was not accepted because of his heart condition. As they were talking, they saw something struggling in the water. It was a dog who fell in the ice. Upon seeing the poor dog, Ivan jumped in to save him. Ivan didn’t seem to mind the danger he was putting himself in. Watch him rescue the dog in the video below!
What an amazing rescue! Ivan is a hero!

After the rescue, the dog ran off. Ivan warmed up in the car, drove to the groceries, and had vodka together with the guys. On the way to the groceries, they saw the dog again, bought a sausage for him, and named him Rex.

Rex turns out to be a stray dog. I sure hope he found a new home so he wouldn’t be wandering around again.

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