Man Builds Air-Conditioned Bed To Help Keep His Dog Cool While Outside

This man’s 13-year-old blonde Lab would dig up the flower bed to try and stay cool while outside in the summer heat, so he decided to take a shot at building an air-conditioned bed. Here is each and every step documented in his own words:

“Obligatory finished project photo.”

“Used 1 x 6 boards for the frame/plenum, cut out the holes, fit the 4″ PVC piping for the air inlet. The fit is very snug so I didn’t need to use anything to fasten or glue the pipe to the frame.”

“Took an old PC power supply and mounted to the frame, then added the fans to the inside of the air inlet. Also, beer.”

“Frame/plenum, power supply, fans, and cooling duct inlet in place.”

“Finished the cooling duct by using a T fitting and wrapping it around the corner of the frame. Drilled a couple of holes and used some long zip-ties to hold the pipe to the frame. Got some mesh plant shade material from the local big box home improvement store and some fabric fasteners to secure it to the frame.”

“Stretched the fabric REALLY tight across the frame and secured with the fabric fasteners. My dog is over 100 lbs so the fabric had to be super tight. Also, it will stretch over time and it has to suspend the dog off the ground. Staples won’t work. Don’t even try. Use the fasteners.”

“Using the T fitting on the corner gave me a second cooling port from which to load the tube with frozen water bottles. The fans draw air through the port with the slots, the ice bottles cool the air. It’s a simple swamp cooler.”

“It works pretty good. Cools the air by about 10 degrees and provides a nice breeze for her tummy. She likes it and the hammock like bed is super comfy for her old bones.”

How amazing of him to put so much time and effort into keeping his dog as comfortable as possible. Be sure and share this post with your friends! 🙂

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