Man Builds Wheelchair For Disabled Dog And Demand Explodes

I read a quote that says “If my dog’s not happy, neither am I.” I’m sure all you dog lovers agree with this. We love our dogs so much that we do everything we can to make them comfortable and happy.

Just like humans, a dog’s body gradually declines physically as they age. And when they get old, some of them may find it hard to walk. Even if they’re happy and healthy, we feel sorry that they can’t move around as much like they used to when they were young.

Dragan Dimitrijevic, a computer programmer in Serbia, found a way to help his dog Mika, and the other dogs in his area who is suffering the loss in mobility. He fashioned a wheelchair for Mika out of plastic pipes, old belts, and wheels. When other dog owners heard of what Dimitrijevic had created, they called and asked him if he could help them too! Watch the video below for the full story!

What a kindhearted man! He has made over 80 wheelchairs both for cats and dogs! The wheelchair may not be a cure to their condition, but it helps them move and let them do what dogs normally do! It definitely is an improvement to the dog’s quality of life!

Way to go, Dragan Dimitrijevic! Keep up the good work! We appreciate the great things you’ve done for the dogs and their owners!

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