Man Crashes Into A House Drunk And Tells Police His Dog Was Driving

Of all the get-of-jail free card excuse this had to be the most absurd!!! We all have heard a lot of stories on how to get out of a ticket but this one takes the cake! Pinning the blame on his dog for driving into a ditch twice and ultimately into a house and fleeing the scene of the accident had the cops suspicious when he was discovered in a nearby church bathroom smelling of alcohol.

The man got his due for cooking up such an unbelievable excuse and had to pay the price for his DUI. If the police administered a sobriety test, I am sure the dog would pass with flying colors. This time, man is NOT a dog’s best friend, what a rat!!!

Let me know what you think about this man’s excuse and what was he thinking that the cops would believe such a story!! Share the video and write your comments below.

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