Man Digs Obstacle Course Into The Deep Snow For His Little Dog

If you live in an area that has recently been hit with a ton of snow, you’ll be able to relate to this — especially if you have a smaller dog! I know I had to go out and dig an area in the yard for my dog to use the restroom because it was so deep all over. Some big dogs may be able to deal with it, but these little fellas can barely see over the snow!

That’s why I love this guy’s idea. He took it one step further and made the yard into an obstacle course for his dog rather than just digging a place to pee. Not only does it help the dog when he needs to mark his territory, it’s a good way for the dog to get some exercise during this type of weather! As long as he’s not outside in the cold for too long, of course. 😉

Watch as the dog is unleashed and makes a lap through the course in the video below!

I think he may have set a new record this time around! 😀

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