Man Ditched Puppy In Woods So He Couldn’t Be Rescued, Guy Wanders By

A puppy, later named Pio, was abandoned in the middle of nowhere. His chances of survival were slim to none. In the vast area the dog was left in, Pio searched for food, water, and shelter, but the landscape was unforgiving. He used all his energy to walk around, also looking for shade. The temperatures had skyrocketed and he was vulnerable to the elements. But, thankfully, Pio didn’t perish. In fact, a kind soul was about to enter his life and give him the second chance he deserved.

As the stranger approached with good intentions, Pio gazed up confused and scared. But when the man grazed his head with a loving hand, Pio immediately felt at ease. He knew his savior had finally shown up! The little puppy rolled onto his back, exposing his belly for rubs. The man’s eyes welled up with tears and knew he had to bring the puppy home.

He nursed the pup back to health, but sadly, he couldn’t keep the dog due to restrictions in his rental apartment. The man brought Pio to a rescue center, where the staff immediately fell in love with the pup. After a thorough check-up, Pio was cleared. He received his first bath and loved it! Now it was time to introduce him to the other dogs in the facility.

Pio quickly won them over. Again, the staff was amazed. They shared his photo on social media, hoping to find him the perfect home. Applications came pouring in! Soon, Pio was with his forever family in his new home. We are so grateful for this happy ending and to the kind man and staff at the rescue center.

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