This Man And His Dog Just Inspired The Most Adorable ‘Twinning’ Trend, And The Photos Will Make Your Day

It all started when Liam Rice, 24, from the Isle of Man, tweeted out a series of selfies with his charismatic husky Luna, who has a habit of copying his facial expressions. People loved the pics so much that they decided to try the same with their own pets, and a trend was born.

“Going viral has just been so bizarre, Liam told Bored Panda. “Usually you see people go viral for actually doing something productive, but all I did was take a picture with my dog and I woke up the next day to a frozen phone (from the notifications). It’s been so lovely though to read all the positive comments and seeing other people with their dogs!

Liam is an animal lover, he works as an animal care officer at the Manx SPCA and as well as 2-year-old Luna, he has 5 cats. After a few years of doing all kinds of work, he now feels like he’s doing his dream job. “My main duties at the ManxSPCA are caring for and rehoming dogs in the kennels,” he told us. “Fairly often I get the chance to help with the welfare side and go out and rescue animals such as cats, dogs and even more wild animals like seals!”

For those who have never heard of the Isle of Man, it is a small, wild island located in the Irish Sea, between Great Britain and Ireland. Known for its fascinating history and culture, insane motorcycle race and status as a tax-haven, it is an interesting place to live. “Life on the Isle of Man is beautiful, I am happy here and it is my home,” Liam told Bored Panda. “Although sometimes I do feel detached from the rest of the world at times! It can be hard to find someone to settle down with as I am limited with the amount of people on the island!

Well Liam’s tweets have definitely connected him with plenty of people, with over 200,000 retweets and thousands of people joining in the fun! Scroll down below to check out a few of the best so far, and don’t forget to upvote your favourites! You can also check out Liam’s Instagram here.
This is Liam Rice, who started the adorable new trend of dog owners pulling the same face as their dogs

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