Man Dubbed A Hero After Saving His Three Dogs From Bear Attack

A man in Daytona Beach, Florida is lucky to be alive and well after wrestling a bear to save his dogs.

The incident happened when the man, Walt, was outside on his covered patio with his three dachshunds. Suddenly, the dogs started to bark and run towards the entrance – a black bear lunged from the dark and attacked!

Many people would panic if a black bear appeared out of nowhere, and leave the dogs to run inside. But this man didn’t hesitate to step in and fight back!

Without thinking, Walt lunged at the bear, screaming and trying to push it away. The bear seemed intimidated by his actions and fought back for just a brief moment before running back into the night.

Once the bear was gone, Walt barricaded the door with patio furniture and ran inside to tell other members of the home what had happened.

What’s even more amazing is the whole incident was caught on a home security camera!

The footage was shared with ViralHog, and they were kind enough to let everyone know that Walt and all three of his dogs are doing well. They even said that the bear is doing well after getting away safely from humans.

Naturally, Walt is being dubbed a hero by fans on social media, who are applauding him for his brave deed.

Watch the incident in the video below:

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