Man Fences in Four Acres to Build Rescue Sanctuary at His Own Expense

The man in this video has been working on fencing in a four-acre area on his property, all in an effort to create a dog sanctuary. He’s rescued 45 dog as of now, and it doesn’t seem as if he has any plans to stop there. Between the beautiful home and the amazing yard, it’s like a little piece of heaven on Earth.

He also tries to find suitable forever homes for the dog he rescues. One might say he runs a very well rounded operation. To some, 45 dogs may seem like a lot to care for, but he considers it a labor of love, and wouldn’t change things for the world.

The man has taken on several tough cases in his time as well. Many of these rescues were death row dogs, or dogs that basically people had given up on finding forever homes. Despite the often steep, uphill battle he finds himself facing in this respect, he’s had a great deal of success. Thanks to him, many families fell a bit more complete by having a dog as a member!

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