Man Finds His Soul Mate In The Most Adorable Companion Ever

Dogs are man’s best friend. They are more than just pets to us, we consider them as family members. And some would even say that their dog is their soulmate. Yup, dogs have souls. If you’ve looked deeply into a dog’s eyes, I’m sure you would agree. And I say, they have the most beautiful and gentle souls.

BuzzFeed created this adorable video of a man who found a soulmate in a puppy. He was just walking down the street when he passed by a corner where there are puppies for adoption. He looked into a puppy’s eyes, and he instantly knew that he had to take her home. So he bought all the things the puppy needs, adopted the pup, and brought her home with him. Watch the video below and see this guy fall in love with his new best friend.

Awwww…that was so cute and fun to watch, wasn’t it? There’s just something attractive about guys who love dogs! And it’s so cute how he talks to the puppy!

So how about you, is your dog your soulmate?

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