Man Fosters ‘Talking Dog’ For 2-Weeks, Fell In Love And Begs To Keep Him

When Drew Harrisberg went to the shelter to adopt a dog, he learned that the dog he had had his eye on had already been adopted by someone else. So he decided to check out the other dogs in the shelter. That’s when a unique sound caught his attention.

Drew heard what he calls a pig-seal squeal. Wondering what kind of crazy creature the shelter was housing, he turned around to find that the sound was, in fact, coming from a Pit Bull mix named Dennis, who for some reason was super excited to see Drew.

Drew went over to the dog and before he knew it, Drew was hooked. He had to have this squealing, talkative dog. As fate would have it, Dennis was already signed for adoption by someone else. So Drew had another idea. He asked the shelter if he could foster Drew for the 2 weeks before his adoption went through.

Despite the shelter’s warning that Drew would get attached to Dennis, Drew chose to foster him anyway. As it turned out, the shelter was right! Dennis turned out to be a chatter-box, and Drew fell completely in love with him. So much so that, he didn’t have the heart to return Drew to his new owners when the time came.

So Drew did the only thing he could think of – he pleaded with the new owners to let him keep Drew. To know what the new owners said to Drew’s request, watch the amazing video below! Trust me, if there’s a video you want to watch today, this is it!

Click below to watch how Dennis got Drew hooked with a squeal and became his best friend for life!

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