A Man Found A Great Duet Partner In His Long-Haired Dachshund

It’s not always easy finding the right person to sing with you. Finding the perfect blend of personality, creative mindset, and musical style is key.

A lot of the time, siblings will partner up to make music together, since they already know each other so well. It’s important that you really get along with your singing or musical companion, or else you’ll never make it big! We’ve all heard horror stories of our favorite bands splitting up over creative differences. It’s always such a shame when that happens.

It doesn’t have to be a sibling, though. It could be a friend you hold near and dear to your heart. It could be another family member, too. It could even be a person you’ve known for just a few weeks, but feel deep in your heart that you’ve known them forever.

So, who are some of our closest friends and family members?

Well, our pets, of course!

When this adorable long-haired dachshund sits between his human’s feet, he’s happy as can be. But when his person starts playing a harmonica, this little pup springs into action and adds his own personal flair to the jam session.

Have you ever had a pup that does something like this? It may not be the most harmonious song, but it’s definitely so, so sweet!

[iframe id=”http://www.littlethings.com/video-embed.php?vid=Qfs5EBqY&dfpid=14801″]



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