Man found lost dog on remote trail, then drove 1100 miles to make her his own

A man enjoying a winter ski adventure discovered a lost dog along a remote hiking trail in Powder Canyon, Colorado. The dog was hurt and malnourished and was obviously in need of some help. Her finder, Matthew Glatz, loaded the wayward dog into his vehicle and drove to CSU Veterinary Research School to see if she had a microchip.

An embedded microchip revealed that the dog’s name was Amelia and she had been missing for three months. Amelia was transferred to the Larimer City Humane Society, and Glatz vowed to return if her owner failed to show up and bring her home.

According to KXLY, Amelia wound up spending a month at the animal shelter, being treated for injuries from porcupine quills, and undergoing heartworm treatment. Her owner was located, but they had moved away and Amelia needed someone new.

Glatz was more than happy to make room in his life for the dog who he encountered on the trail…he made an 1100 mile trek from Maine, back to Colorado, to pick her up. He told the news agency, “We’re about to start an adventure together.”

A fundraiser to help cover veterinary costs and adoption fees has been started – nearly all of the $2000 goal has been met. Learn more and see additional photos at this link to GoFundMe.

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