Man Gives Free Makeovers To Shelter Dogs, Their Happy Faces Will Make Your Day!

Mark Imhof is a former businessman with a big heart for shelter dogs. A dog owner himself, he decided to devote all of his free time to making shelter dogs more adoptable… by giving them free makeovers.

Mark only started his grooming service four months ago, but already the big-hearted philanthropist has changed the dogs waiting to be adopted in New York City.

Check out the incredible before and after pictures below. It’s amazing how a bit of grooming can make all the difference for these cute little guys.


Imhof owns “The Dog Guy” pet services, and says his volunteer work is helping these dogs win back some of their self-respect.


Some of the dogs come into the shelter with fur so matted, it makes it difficult for them to move — or even interferes with their sense of smell.


Imhof says he’s seen instant personality changes in dogs as soon as he finishes with their haircuts.


Imhof, quit his job as a certified public accountant, to start his pet services business in November — and began providing free trims for a passel of pooches at Animal Care Centers of NYC.


These make-overs have resulted in almost every dog moving on to a forever home. One animal was even adopted as he was being carried off the grooming table.


“I come home uplifted every day,” Imhof told Metro. “I develop a bond with the animals which is just amazing.”





How can you resist a face like that? Adoption time!

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