Man Hears Crying In A Well, Climbs In To Find 5 Puppies Caked In Mud

Surachet Klaewkla was on his to way work in Thailand one day when he heard some crying coming from a nearby construction area. He stopped to find out just what exactly was going on and realized the sounds were coming from inside of a well.

He looked inside and could make out five animals, but they were so caked in mud he couldn’t tell what they were. Surachet lowered into the well to rescue the poor animals and lifted them all to safety.

That’s when he realized they were puppies. It was a miracle the newborn pups didn’t suffocate in the thick mud.

No one knows exactly how the pups got into the well, but Surachet’s guess is that their mother was a stray who either gave birth to them in the well, or maybe she placed them there for safety.

But their mom was nowhere to be seen, so the Good Samaritan took the puppies home and washed away all of the mud and then fed them.

Their baths revealed just how fluffy and adorable these pups really are! 🙂

The best part? Surachet Klaewkla and his family decided to adopt all five puppies. What a happy ending!

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