Man leaves his dog behind in a car but he had no idea THIS would get viral!

Dogs in hot cars – this is a burning issue and everyone needs to pay attention to it. Police dispatchers face a tough task as every day, they get a lot of calls from people worried about dogs trapped in hot cars. This is because good Samaritans cannot see dogs trapped in hot cars. Dogs are really vulnerable to overheating even if they are groomed with short hair. To top this off, the law on this is really clear and a person can either watch the dog die in a car or face charges if he breaks the window to rescue him.

Lawmakers in California must change this law so that no more dogs would suffer inside the hot cars. However, this owner is probably the most caring owner ever as he left a note on the window of the car. The note said, “The A/C is on, the dog has water and his favorite music is on, please do not break the window”.

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