Man Picks Up Stray Pregnant Dog And Looks Back To See She’s Giving Birth In The Back of His Van

Heroes can come in all shapes and sizes — and arrive when you least expect them.

One hero, Art Shaul, 69, has made it his life’s mission to save and rescue dogs before they can get stuck or abandoned in a shelter.

Since retiring several years ago, Art has gone out of his way to prioritize the safety of dogs, and one recent rescue, involving a dog named Coralina, stands out in his mind.

“She was pushed out a car along a road in Kentucky — rural Kentucky,” Art explained, detailing how he first encountered Coralina. “The car sped off, and she’s like 8 to 10 years old, and she’s pregnant.”

Not one to stand by and let abuse like this happen, Art immediately got involved. He drove all the way from his home in Florida to rescue Coralina in Kentucky.

The moment Art, his friend, and Coralina crossed the Georgia-Florida state line, the dog’s first puppy started to arrive.

“I was a little shocked, I was thrilled but scared at the same time,” Art recalled. “We had a knife in there to cut the umbilical cords.”

Incredibly, not only did Coralina and all her puppies survive, but Art managed to find a home for every single puppy and their mother.

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