Man Plays Hide N Seek With Dogs And Wins – Watch The Table

Do you play hide and seek with your dogs? Dogs are great in playing hide and seek! And it’s because they have a powerful sense of smell that can lead their noses right to where you are! All they have to do is follow the scent!

Usually, when people play hide and seek, they’d find a corner or somewhere that can totally hide them. But this guy “hides” in an unusual place. So the guy hides and then they let the dogs inside to look for the guy. They search the whole room, going around in circles and following the scent. Here’s a hint: keep your eye on the table on the right side, and you’ll see where the guy is hiding! Watch the video below and see how long it takes before the dogs find him!

He’s hiding in plain sight! But sure enough, the dogs found him in less than a minute!
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