Man Plays Sound Of Crying Puppies To Make Mother Dog Lead Him To Abandoned Puppies

We really admire the people at Hope For Paws for all the wonderful things they have done. They have saved countless of lives and have given abandoned and stray dogs a new lease in life. Not only have they made the dogs happy, but they’ve also touched the hearts of the many people, including us!

The video below is a rescue they did back in 2013. We’d like to share this video to you because of the cool trick they employed to find the puppies of this stray dog named Rosie. When the team was able to catch Rosie, they discovered that she was lactating. This means her puppies are around somewhere. Watch the video below and see how they were able to locate Rosie’s puppies!


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  1. monica

    It make me tears and so heartwarming the rescue are wonderful to help Rosie and her babies.I am happy that Rosie and babies in a warm place and safe with food and water she is beautiful and sweet and a good mom.I hope they get a adopt to good family that give them lots of love.

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