Man Reunites With His Dog After 2 Months Of Cancer Treatment, Then Totally Breaks Down

Even though being diagnosed with cancer has, unfortunately, become commonplace in society, managing treatment and garnering support is never easy. But sometimes, even the smallest bits of light can gets us through the dark.

In the video below, you can’t miss the tearjerking reunion between a man – who’s gone through about two months of cancer treatment – and his precious dog, Jack.

We follow Jack and his owner as they walk through a small park with some trees and a nice path. Jack is pulling on the leash and so, so excited to finally see his human after two months! Jack’s poor owner has to start running to keep up with him!

One of Jack’s owners, specially, the woman filming, keeps asking him, “Who is that? Who is that there?” And you can hear how hard the dog is panting! He can’t wait for the reunion.

After winding through the park, Jack finally sees the man out of cancer treatment sitting in a wheelchair by a picnic table.

The man is so happy, at first. Then, he starts to lose it.

He starts crying and even takes off his hat as he’s reduced to tears!

It’s heartwarming reunions like this that not only remind us how important pets can be to people, but how much love and support people in cancer treatment need.

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