Man Saves Dog That Was Chained Up For 14 Years. His Reward Is Priceless

Grey Muzzle Rescue was started by Thayne and Christine Hamilton over 10 years ago. They rescued more than 20 dogs who, were it not for their love and commitment would have died due to abuse, neglect or abandonment. Their selflessness and sacrifices, as often happens to those who give so much, went unnoticed and unappreciated by the world around them.

But thanks to ‘Talk It Up TV’, who began what they call their “Life Improvement Project” and a contest, “What would you do with $1000”, that has changed dramatically. Unbeknownst to Thayne, his submission for what he would do with the money touched the hearts and souls of the panel.


Dogs like Tom Drooley who was abandoned at 15 years old at a kill shelter, and Lilly, who spent 14 years of her life being chained to a slab and not given the nutritious or adequate amount of food she needed. Lilly was in such bad shape, that even today she can barely walk and Thayne has to lift her into a wheel barrel and push her around. “We call this Driving Miss Lilly” he said.

Thayne received the surprise of his life when two of his friends showed up for what he thought was a visit. The host of Talk It Up TV, Anny Havland arrived instead. He presented him with the winning check of $1000. Seeing the surprise and ecstatic joy on Thayne’s face as he realizes what just happened will bring a tear to your eye!

But winning the $1000 was just the beginning. After spending some time at the rescue, bonding with the nine dogs currently living on the five acres and hearing the story of how Thayne and Christine began, Havland realized the $1000 was just not enough.

[youtube id=”IzN8V-qgi94″ align=”center” mode=”normal” maxwidth=”600″]

So she sets out to enlist the help of local businesses and the legal help from an attorney. Watch this wonderful video and learn the story of the Grey Muzzle Rescue, and discover the incredible generosity that finally rewarded this wonderful Rescue for its love and kindness. Be sure to share this wonderful story.

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