Man saves dog from aggressive coyote with a coffee cup

A Florida man used what he had to save his dog from an extremely aggressive coyote. According to multiple sources, the unusually aggressive animal went after Ben Pool and his dog last Friday – Pool had a coffee cup in his hand and he used it as a weapon to save himself, and his dog.

Pool told WSFA News,

He came at my legs, first. I smashed him in the side of the head with the cup. He came back, and I smashed him again. He jumped up at my face. When he did that, I stepped to the side, hit him in the side of the head. He screamed and went down.

According to Pool, the coyote was relentless – not responding to any of his efforts to fend him off. Eventually Pool was able to get into his truck and the coyote continued to try to attack. Ultimately Pool ended the seemingly never-ending attack with his vehicle, running over the coyote. He has stated that he has no regrets and would do it again.

Pool’s dog is being monitored for signs of rabies.

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