Man Sees A Figure On The Railroad Tracks And Realizes It’s A Tied-Up Dog

One Sunday morning, Jared Twedell was driving to the local recycling center in his hometown in Oregon when something on the railroad tracks caught his eye. He thought the flicker of movement was a deer lying on the tracks, so he rolled his window down to encourage the animal to leave the dangerous area.

Jared whistled, and when the set of ears perked up, he realized it was a dog. The dog tried to walk toward him, but something was holding him back. The poor thing was tied to the tracks. Being an active railroad in which a train comes through at least three times per day, the man knew he had to act quickly.

Jared had no idea how much time he had, so he pulled his car over and rushed to the dog. The poor pup was obviously a bit scared, so the man started sweet talking. The dog’s tail started wagging, and that’s when Jared knew it’d be okay to approach.

The young dog was exhausted from being out in the heat all day. Jared’s only concern at that moment was to untie the dog and get him to safety.

It was clear someone had intentionally left the dog there. The rope was tied in a figure eight pattern to ensure the dog couldn’t escape it.

Jared worked the rope loose and loaded the dog into his car. There was no question that he was taking this dog home. He nicknamed the pup Train, but his family insisted on a more proper name: Samson.

They got home, and Jared removed the burrs from Samson’s fur and gave him a bath. The dog had a little cut on his neck but didn’t seem to have any real health concerns. Samson was even at a good weight and had trimmed nails.

Samson took to the family’s other pets instantly, which included two other rescue dogs, some cats, and a Flemish rabbit.

Samson is a rather large dog, but he’s only around six months old and expected to grow even bigger. Someone probably got him thinking they’d end up with a smaller dog, and when he kept growing, they decided to get rid of him.

Even if a train never passed through on those tracks that day, the dog probably wouldn’t have survived much longer without food, water, and shade in the 100-degree weather. It’s a miracle this man found him when he did.

The Twedell family is fostering Samson at the moment, but it’s almost certain the dog will find a permanent spot in the household. And that seems to be exactly what Samson wants. 🙂

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