Man Shocked To Bump Into His Dog On Train Ride To Work

We all know that our dogs think of us as part of their pack. Dogs are social animals, and they need us as much as we need them. Thomas McCormack, a handyman from the U.K., was riding on the train Friday morning. It was just another day, he said goodbye to his dog Paddy and locked him safely in the yard. But then, something rather perplexing happened. McCormack was sitting on the train and up popped Paddy!


Paddy had gotten on the train and sat in the seat next to his owner! McCormack had no choice but to take Paddy with him to work. He started thinking about how this happened and remembered a few times when he had come home from work and found Paddy waiting for him by the front door (not in the backyard).


After this latest Houdini act, McCormack turned to his neighbors for some help. They told him they had seen Paddy using the trampoline to launch himself over the fence! Talk about ingenious! McCormack said that Paddy must have followed his scent all the way to the train station. Paddy had probably tried to follow McCormack before but Friday was his first success!


Makes you wonder why Paddy would go through so much to be close to his owner. Must mean that he can’t bear the thought of having McCormack within paw’s reach! Those two certainly have an incredible bond. In the video below, you will hear McCormack describe how Paddy escaped finding his human friend.

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