Man Shows Up And Gives Rescuers $10,000 To Spend On Their Dog Rescue

Rocky Kanaka decided to do something to help Marley’s Mutts, a dog rescue that takes in the dogs who are often left behind by other groups: the broken, the neglected, and the forgotten. So he arrived to their rescue one day with a nice surprise in store for them. 🙂

None of the rescuers had any idea what was going on, but they got in the vehicle with Rocky and away they went. They pull into Tractor Supply, and that’s when they are asked to guess what’s going on once again. And that’s when Rocky presents them with $10,000 in cash to go on a shopping spree for their organization! The only catch? Rocky picks three of the workers and gives them 10 minutes each to spend it all!

Dog rescues need more than the typical items that often get donated (toys, treats, food), and this was the perfect opportunity for Marley’s Mutts to get some of those other things to help keep their rescue running successfully. Watch the shopping spree in full below, it’s a fun one! 🙂

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