Man Tries To Kick A Stray Dog On The Beach, Instead Gets A Dose Of Instant Karma

We don’t have any background info on this video, but for some reason, this genius decides it’d be a good idea to kick a stray dog. What he didn’t realize is that he was about to learn the definition of instant karma and that if you mess with one dog, you mess with the entire pack!

I guess being a good, compassionate human being is just lost on some people. Who knows what was going through this guy’s brain when he decided to try and kick a dog for no reason, but he definitely got what he deserved by the end.

The man takes off running across the beach toward the dog while his buddies (thankfully) record the entire thing. Not only does he embarrassingly slip and fall to the ground as he whiffs on his kick, but he finds out a dog’s friends will always have its back. Just another reason to love dogs!

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