Man Uses Washing Machine to Bathe Dog, Now He’s a Wanted Man

In Hong Kong, Animal lovers are outraged and demand justice for a small, white dog that was washed inside a washing machine.

The irresponsible pet owner believed to be named Jacky Lo, bragged on Facebook about washing his pet inside the machine. The animal abuser posted images on his social media page with the following comment: “A super quick way to wash a dog: soak, clean, and dry. All done. Clean and quick!”


The images were posted in August but it wasn’t until this week when they went viral. More than 14,000 animal lovers have signed the petition urging authorities to find the man, arrest him, and prosecute the criminal for animal abuse.

It is believed the pet didn’t survive the abuse. Another online user commented on the pictures asking Lo if the pet was dead, to which he answered: “Yes! Do you want to see it!”

After the controversial images were posted and after thousands of online users voiced their concern regarding Lo, wishing for his arrest, the animal abuser responded by saying he is fleeing Honk Kong.

“Wanted?? This afternoon I’m going back to China. See ya later,” posted Lo.


Based on the Facebook page, Jacky Lo lives in China and after all the criticism he received in Hong Kong, he is fleeing back.

Hong Kong police say they are investigating the case but so far have not made an arrest. Animal cruelty there carries a maximum sentence of three years in prison and a fine of HK$200,000.

The Hong Kong Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals condemned Lo’s action and urged the public to be vigilant and report suspected cases of animal abuse.

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