Man Walks for Two Days Carrying Pet to Save Dog’s Life

When Choco, a 3½-year-old greyhound/bull arab mix dog got attacked by a crocodile in Cape Yok, Australia, his loving owner Wayne Best carried the large dog in his arms for two days until reaching a veterinarian. Thanks to the pet owner and a team of veterinarians, Choco is now on the mend.


On July 31, 2015, Best and his dog were working near the Michell River, about 186 miles northwest of Cairns. Best is a pig hunter and lives a simple life with little luxuries, he doesn’t even own a car. On that day, his four-legged best friend was working with him and chased a pig too close to the edge of the water. There, a crocodile jumped, attacked the dog, dragged him into the water and left him severely injured.

Choco’s life miraculously did not come to an end then, but the crocodile bit one of his rear legs breaking it, and left several puncture wounds along the back end of the dog’s body.

With no car, Best carried his friend for two days until hitching a ride to the closest veterinarian in Mareeba.

The dog needed surgery to reconstruct his leg and needs to rest for several months to allow the bones to heal properly.

When area animal lovers learned about the crocodile attack on the dog, they wanted to help. They’ve sent many donations to the veterinary hospital were Choco was cared for.


Dr. Ethan Maloney told The Cairns Post that his two clinics are overwhelmed with the amount of public generosity they’ve received.

“We had calls from all over Australia across our two clinics,” Dr. Maloney said.

Choco is expected to make a full recovery as long as he rests and lets his leg heal. He is an active dog and veterinarians have asked Best not to take his dog hunting for at least several months.

Best and his dog plan to stay with a friend in Dimbulah for a while before returning to their home in the bush. The pet owner wants to get a local job in to help pay for food and shelter.

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