Man Who Has Dedicated His Life To Rescuing Severely Abused Dogs Gets The Surprise Of A Lifetime

Talk It Up TV (by the Talk It Up Foundation) is an award winning web series that is all about sharing uplifting stories. They launched a Life Improvement Project where they give away $1000 to the viewer who has the most compelling and touching story. The winner will also have the opportunity to share his/her story on the show. But when they found their winner, they knew they just can’t stop at $1000.

After months of deliberation, they chose a story that has absolutely touched their hearts: the story of Grey Muzzle Rescue by Thayne Hamilton. Grey Muzzle Rescue was founded and owned by Thayne and Christine Hamilton and it focuses on adopting un-adoptable and/or severely abused dogs. They give these dogs their “Forever Home”. But then Christine died, and it was her dying wish that Thayne continue the rescue work they lived and loved to do together. And Thayne did just that! He even finance some of the expenses out of his own pocket. Watch the video below for the full story! And check out the huge surprise they have for him!

This guy is an angel! His story made us cry. I believe he truly deserves that prize, and everything they gave him!

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