Man With Broken Leg Spends $400 On Vet Visit To Figure Out His Limping Dog Was Copying Him

Russell Jones and his lurcher, Billy, had an inseparable bond. Even after Jones broke his ankle, he continued taking Billy for walks. During one walk, Jones noticed that Billy was limping and could hardly put his left foot on the ground. Concerned, he took Billy to the vet to find out what was wrong.

Jones posted a video on Facebook showing him walking down the street with Billy, who was limping with his left paw lifted from the ground. After spending $400 on two vet visits, x-rays, and painkillers, they still didn’t have an answer. The veterinarian said there was nothing they could do.

Jones then ran an experiment, sending Billy out into the garden with his wife. To his surprise, Billy played without any sign of limping. Jones realized that Billy wasn’t hurt, but rather, he was being sympathetic and mimicking his owner’s limp.

Interestingly, a month later, Jones posted another video of the two walking together. This time, Billy was actually limping after having his dewclaw removed, while Jones was faking his limp.

Sadly, Billy passed away about a year later due to cancer. Jones took to Facebook to share the news of his beloved dog’s passing. Despite the loss, Billy’s love and laughter touched many lives and will not be forgotten.

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