Mange-Riddled Stray Dog Terrified To Be Touched Reveals The Sweetest Nature After Rescue

Covered with sores and scabs from prolonged mange, this street dog in India was terrified of being touched. As soon as rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited approached the dog he ran away.

They had to resort to catching him with a net, but thankfully he wasn’t aggressive.

Once he was back at their shelter and getting care, “Rockstar” showed who he really is. “Nothing could hide his adorable nature once the ravaging itching from mange was under treatment,” his rescuers wrote.

A month later, Rockstar’s strange, dirty mane was replaced by tan and white fur. His sad, doleful eyes are replaced by a grinning smile and he laps up the all love and attention every moment he can.

Watch Rockstar’s amazing recovery in the video below.

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