Man’s Devotion To His Ailing Senior Dog Is So Beautiful It’ll Move You To Tears

As people age, so does our canine companions. Unfortunately, they age at a much higher rate than we do. Although they grow old quicker, their desire to be young at heart is no different than our own.

For this Husky, a daily walk with his owner was a great tradition. They had been taking walks together for many, many years. But what happens when the dog gets too old to take walks?

Many people would simply leave the dog at home and go for a walk alone. Others would perhaps find another person or a younger dog to fill the void. However, this was not an option for this pair.

This devoted owner developed his own method of taking the elderly dog for their walks. Although it was probably a little unorthodox, he constructed a doggy wagon for his walking companion.

The Husky’s cart is made from a plastic tote on wheels, some rope for pulling and comfortably equipped with some blankets.The setup may look a bit strange to the onlookers but to these two, it was truly the best option.

Watch how the two enjoy their daily journey together. Not a care in the world as long as they have each other. While some people would abandon their dogs because they are old and no longer cute, this man’s love for his fur baby only got stronger.

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