Man’s dogs fatally shot while protecting him from armed man

Two dogs were shot and killed right in front of the man who they were trying to protect. The sad incident took place last week in Indianapolis, Indiana. As reported by The Indy Channel, Thomas Brookshire opened his door to a man wearing a mask, hoodie and skull cap last Wednesday – the man was armed and demanded money.

Brookshire told the news agency what happened:

“Pulled a gun in my face and said, ‘give me everything you’ve got.’ And I’m thinking, you know I ain’t got nothing.”

The dogs

With the door open, Brookshire’s dogs, Sir and Precious, ran towards the man with the gun – the masked gunman began firing and both dogs died right in front of their owner. The devastated man stated, “All he took is my heart, my soul, he didn’t take my life though.”

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