Man’s Video Memorial For His Fallen Dog Will Make You Cry An Ocean

Losing a dog, to a pooch lover, is like getting your heart pulled out from your chest, stuffed into a blender… Wait for it, wait for it… That’s right! Someone hit the bottom.

You’re left with an empty feeling that’s akin to absolute misery. Every corner of your house, reminding you, like a constant electrical black jolt of electricity, of your lost.

It’s a hard emotion to explain, a devilish pain to catalog and it takes years to heal. Sometimes closure seems so faraway; a dream in the distant, caught in the passing fumes of solemn fog.

Words, most of the time seem hollow and devoid of meaning. So, when puppy lover, John Loughney, lost his family member, Harper, to the ravages of cancer, he switched on his camera for cathartic measures.

It’s truly hard to keep a dry eye, while witnessing this amateur film. It’s heartbreaking and, in a way, a true display of John’s love for his pooch… It goes beyond the boundaries, of sadness and reaffirms his feelings towards Harper.

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