Marine Refuses To Leave Loyal Stray Dog Behind In Iraq

In 2007, Nubs, a dog born in Iraq, met Major Brian Dennis and they immediately formed a strong bond. Dennis said that many of the stray dogs in the area acted like unofficial guard dogs around their border fort. Nubs was one of the dogs. But when Dennis got transferred to a new fort 75 miles away, he had to say goodbye to Nubs.

Nubs chased after the convoy. A few days later, Dennis was told that there was someone outside to see him – when he got outside, there was Nubs! Even though Marines were not allowed to have pets, they built a doghouse for Nubs. But a commanding officer said no. Dennis knew he couldn’t say goodbye again and raised the money to have Nubs shipped back to the United States.

Watch the video below!

Dennis even wrote a book about his adventures with Nubs! Share away, people!

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