Marine Reunited With Dog Who Saved His Life

Heroes come in different sizes, and they may come from different species too! We’ve seen dogs who have saved lives by protecting their owner from attackers, and by warning them when there’s some kind of danger, like a fire perhaps. The dog in the video below is one of those heroes. He’s not only saved human lives, but he has served the country as well.

Meet Spike, a black Labrador whose job is to sniff out bombs for the Marines. One Marine named Jared Heine worked with Spike in Afghanistan, detecting bombs while clearing routes. But because of traumatic brain injuries, Heine was sent home. After which, Spike ended up working for the Virginia Capitol Police. Heine suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and he really misses Spike. So Heine’s mother, searched the internet, looking for Spike. Watch the video below for the full story!
What a sweet reunion! These two have such a strong bond! Not only did they work together, but they became true friends! On March 5, Spike will retire from the police force, and the two will be together once again!

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