Marvel At Your Cat’s Spy-Like Movements By Setting Up An Obstacle Course

Cats can sneak up on people without being heard or seen and can maneuver their bodies through tight obstacles, which proves they would make great spies.

Cat owners are taking advantage of their extra time indoors to test the skills of their light-footed felines by creating obstacle courses with items found around the house. The goal is to have your cat make its way through the course without knocking any of the items over. Some people used playing cards, while others really tested their cat’s sure-footed moves with dominos.

Most cats had no problem tiptoeing around the objects, and actually made it look easy. However, it is not the task that is difficult but getting your cat to participate. As anyone with a cat knows, getting a cat to do something when you ask is nearly impossible – unless you bribe Fluffy with food.

Not all cats are meant to be spies, as the three in the video below show. All three cats failed the cat obstacle course because they were too curious about the dominos.

Cats are not the only ones attempting to maneuver through a sea of dominos. A giant fluffy dog named Brophy tried his paw at an obstacle course after his feline sister just flawlessly completed it. Even though he knocked a few of the dominos over, no one noticed because they were too busy looking at his adorable face.

Go grab a deck of cards or any other household item and set up a course for your feline. Don’t forget to share your homemade courses and adorable pets with us in the comments.

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