Meet Cyril: A Black Labrador Who Assist Boy With Autism

Benjamin was diagnosed with autism when he was 3 years old. Jo and Neale were distressed by the news while Ben is having difficulties coping with the outdoor environment.

“His anxiety about the terror that lay outside the front door meant that he would refuse to leave home,” says Jo. “We felt imprisoned.”

Jo heard that there is a charity that trains special assistance dogs for individuals like Ben.  Dogs for Good match the 9-year-old Ben to Cyril.

Ben’s assitsance dog Cyril will often sit or lie with Ben when he is playing or watching TV at home.

“Cyril just followed Ben into the playroom and lay down beside him,” Jo said. “It was like he knew that he was there to help him.”

Since that day, Ben’s life started to change. He would go out for a walk as long as Cyril is with him.

The family even started to go to restaurants and on shopping trips. Cyril even helps Ben calm down during medical and dental appointments.

Ben also learned to commute going to school with the help of Cyril and the most wonderful thing is that Ben’s communication skills are also improving.

Ben out for walk with his parents and his assistance dog Cyril.

“It’s like Cyril has given Ben a voice,” she says. “We talk to Ben about Cyril and he’s really trying to use the words we use and communicate back to us.”

“Thanks to Cyril, our son has been given his independence and his life back,” Jo added.

Thanks to Cyril and to all dogs like him who made a great impact on people’s lives. You can also check out Dogs for Good for donation and assistance.

Watch Cyril and Ben’s heartwarming story below:

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