Meet Ginger, A Scared Security Dog From Zambia Who Became A World Traveler

Ginger was born in Zambia and was a security dog in a not very nice place (her sister had been beaten to death). She was so scared all the time and used to hide under the cars on the property.

One day, in April, her luck changed drastically. She was rescued by two women who were traveling around Africa living in a Landcruiser.

Ginger went from security dog in Zambia to a world traveler living the adventure every day. She has traveled even more than a lot of people. She has been in Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe, in National Parks, trekked mountains, has seen elephants through the window, heard lions roar, paddle boarding in lakes, seen chimpanzees, been in boats,…. and this is still the beginning of their adventure.

Given the conditions of the African dogs, they are starting a project called The Dziko Project to help all the dogs in need here in Africa. Rescuing dogs, going to local schools and teaching the kids about dogs and how to treat them, they even sponsor kids of families who can not afford to send their kids to school, and always with Ginger.

They are totally wild, still don’t have plans and breathe every day as it would be their last. Now they can not imagine any other way to live.

“Being wild and free as much as we can and, of course, trying to make a difference wherever we are.”

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