Meet Goma, The “Mickey Mouse” Dog With Giant Fluffy Ears

Meet Goma, the real-life cartoon dog!

This seven-year-old Maltese/Papillon mix has been blessed by both breeds, giving her perfectly shaped Mickey Mouse ears.

She lives in Tokyo and shares her adventures on Instagram with her 110,000 followers. Let’s take a look!

Goma is always ready for adventure and loves a bike ride!

She’ll even happily travel in her owner’s backpack!

Keep a tight grip on that leash — fields of flowers are her favorite, and she looks ready to run right through them!

Goma even goes shopping with her owners, and, if she’s a good girl, she might even get to pick out her own toy.

When necessary, Goma puts on her favorite bow tie for all her important meetings.

She likes to show she’s not all business and loves a themed party.

What Goma loves most is going for walks and being around nature. She brightens everyone’s day when they see her passing by!

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