Meet Honey, A Sweet Pit Bull Rescued From The Evil World Of Dog Fighting

Meet Honey. Honey is one of the many American Pit Bull Terriers rescued from dog fighting operations all over the country by the Humane Society of the United States. Honey was taken from a large raid in Indiana and was one of very many dogs confiscated at the scene. She is missing a large piece of her lip and has likely seen a lot of fights and been through a lot of pain.

From the looks of her, she had survived the abuse to go on and be retired and used for breeding – only to make more dogs for be used for fighting, and her evil owners more profits from her torture. Luckily for Honey she was rescued by one kind man after taking a leap of faith and trusting a human again–which speaks volumes after enduring so much suffering at the hands of some cruel humans.

Unfortunately, not all dogs are as lucky as Honey is. Dog fighting is still a sport that is strong in this country and with your help and the help of others, we can work to stop it for the greater good.

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