Meet ‘Madame Eyebrows’: The Dog That Always Looks Like She’s In A Bad Mood

Grumpy pets are most often associated with cats. I mean, for a start there was Grumpy Cat. And in general, cats seem to have perfected the whole scowl look.

When we think of dogs, we tend to think of them as pure happiness. And we have good reason to, they always look like they just won the lotto. Once in a while though, you get dogs whose expressions look perpetually sad or worried.

Like Madame Eyebrows, an English Bulldog from Germany. She was born with dark markings right above her eyes, leading to her name.

While her “eyebrows” give her a very unique look, that look is also quite despondent-looking.

Despite her appearance, her owners reveal that she’s actually quite friendly, and a very energetic and happy dog.

If you spend some time with her, the sadness of her look goes away and you will see the real Madame Eyebrows.

Regardless, this adorable dog’s sad look has lead her to have her own Instagram account, along with plenty of followers who just adore her cute sadness.

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