Meet a Pit Bull named Will Sniff – The True “Fresh Pup Of Bel Air!”

Everyone knows the theme song to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air – when it comes on the TV you can’t help but sing along. Everyone seems to know all the words. But this? Next level!


Some amazing people, including James Avery who played Uncle Phil on the actual show, decided to make a parody of the theme song but using Will Sniff’s life instead! In fact, James Avery is an avid Pit Bull advocate and has adopted Will Sniff into his home.

Every scene of this video takes you through the trials and tributes of a shelter dog. The ups and downs – the love and the rejection. But thankfully the upbeat and silly style of the song keeps things pretty happy.

It makes us so happy that Avery took this wonderful boy into his home and is treating him like the prince he truly is. Nothing makes us happier than seeing dogs find their forever homes.

Continue to the next page to watch this awesome parody song – maybe now you’ll learn all the words to this one? Why not? Spread the message!

The video below is going to completely make your day. Seeing an abused and neglected shelter dog get a forever safe and loving home? What’s not to love! That truly takes the cake for us!


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