Meet Roo, the Two-Legged Dog Who Walks Like A Kangaroo!

Every dog is special. But every once in a while, we stumble upon a dog who inspires and touches the hearts of many. One of these dogs is Roo!

Roo is a two-legged 5-month-old puppy, and she got her name because she walks like a kangaroo! She has captured the attention and the hearts of many because of the unique way she gets around. Roo was born in Romania with one front leg missing. She lost the other one shortly after being born. They thought it might have been chewed on by another dog. She was found by Safe Rescue for Dogs, a British animal charity, which then brought her to the U.K. At around 16 weeks old, she had learned to get around by hopping around like a kangaroo! Watch the video below for the full story!
Roo is now adopted by a couple who fell in love with her at first sight! Despite the lack of limbs, Roo is a very happy and playful dog!

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