Meet The Dog Who Serves Customers At A Vet’s Office

I wonder what it would be like if dogs have jobs. Well actually some dogs have jobs. Some of them work at airports, some work with the police, and others are in the military. Some dogs work with the blind, and let’s not forget the very helpful therapy dogs.

But what if dogs work at the office? Or in a vet clinic? I bet that would be cute!

Well wonder no more, ‘cos there’s actually a dog who works at a vet’s office! Actually two of them are employed at this particular office. But one of them is really helpful, and he’s great at customer service! When the lady at the desk said “Printer”, he knew what to do! He took the paper from the printer, gives it to the lady, waits for the paper to get stapled, then gives it to the customer! Check out the video below!

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