Meet Titti! The Dog Who Loves To Go Diving With Her Human!

Does your dog love to swim and play in the water? While some dogs are scared of the water, and some are even scared of getting wet, there are dogs who just loves the thrill of diving! One video we featured was that dog diving off a cliff with a GoPro camera strapped on her back! That was so awesome!

Now here we have another diving daredevil! Everyone, meet Titti–a dog who just loves to go diving with her human. Titti and her human, Carmelo, have been diving since she was four months old. She does whatever Carmelo does, and she goes wherever he goes. Carmelo even calls her his “shadow”. So how did Carmelo teach Titti to jump and dive? Watch the video below and learn his secret!

It’s so simple–the secret is TRUST. If your dog trusts you that much, then he/she will follow you. Titti trusts Carmelo with her life. And you can see how beautiful and strong their bond is.

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