Mexican Navy Rescues Yellow Lab From Floodwaters After Finding Him Clinging To A Window

2020 just won’t stop sending the world all sorts of nightmarish situations. At the present moment, the southeast region of Mexico is experiencing massive flooding. As a result, there have been rescue efforts made to help those affected by the floods, including one very lucky yellow labrador who was saved from potential drowning.

The pup was fortunately discovered in time by a group of people going by on a boat. He was holding on for dear life to one of the buildings in his neighborhood when he was spotted by the boat.

A Facebook video posted by Secretaría de Marina, the Mexican Navy, showed the rescue, in which the yellow Lab was terrified. The poor dog was shivering in the water as he desperately fought to keep his head above water by clinging to the nearby railing.

The people in the boat knew that they couldn’t leave him there. They went over in the little boat and helped to pull the dog into it. The video caption explained that they were able to get the lucky pooch to safety.

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